Jul 11, 2019

The Cult Movie Cantina Episode 03.5: Cult Meeting

This week is a Cult Meeting! Stephanie has gone to spread the good word of the Cantina and discover new libations in the land of the rising sun.  So while she's away Scotty and Jestina have the show talking about the Monster Squad TV show, what their picks and our fellow cultists picks for Monsters in their own Monster Squad,  and find out which Cultist won the silver bullet!   Also Scotty and Jestina debate who the better Disney Princess  Ariel or Belle and plus find out what our movie next week is and a whole lot more!  It's one heck of an episode!

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Jul 4, 2019

The Cult Movie Cantina Episode 03: The Monster Squad (1987)

This week the Cultist Kick Wolfman in the Nards as they take a look at the 1987 cult classic 'The Monster Squad'.   Listen as Jestina and Scotty have a little spat about Disney Princesses,  Stephanie tells her Mummy Halloween Story, and we have a way for you to win you very own Silver Bullet.  All this and a lot more in this week's episode! 

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The Cult Movie Cantina Mopcast

Jun 27, 2019

The Cult Movie Cantina Episode 02.5: Cult Meeting

This week we answer your questions about Star Trek First Contact.  Find out who Jestina, Stephanie and Scotty would Screw Merry Kill, talk about the Lion King, The Hunger Games and a lot more! 

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The Cult Movie Cantina

Jun 20, 2019

The Cult Movie Cantina Episode 02: Star Trek: First Contact (1996)

Welcome to The Cult Movie Cantina!  This week we talk a look at Star Trek: First Contact.   Listen to Jestina as she is completely lost in the world of Star Trek.  Hear Stephanie sneak us tequila.  Scotty has got some trivia for us, plus  the Cultist reenact a scene from the film.  All this and a lot more!  Join us the discussion on Facebook!

The Cult Movie Cantina Mopcast



Jun 12, 2019

The Cult Movie Cantina Episode 01.5: Cult Meeting

Welcome to the Cult Movie Cantina.  On this weeks episode Scotty, Stephanie and Jestina talk Justin Bieber vs Tom Cruise.  Scotty and Stephanie explains the X-men to Jestina in Harry Potter terms.  Find out who did better in the theaters Gremlins or Ghostbusters and we learn what our next movie is!

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Jun 6, 2019

The Cult Movie Cantina Episode 01: Child’s Play (1988)

Welcome Cultists to the Cantina! Pull up a chair, stool or whatever and listen to your hosts Scotty, Stephanie and Jestina as they take a trip through the Chucky film that started it all 'Child's Play'.   Find out why Stephanie has a problem with boys saying 'tinkle'  and learn that Jestina has a real problem with spilled milk.   Scotty tells you what early drafts of this film could have been, and a lot more!    Plus Stephanie tells you about great drinks you have while watching the film. 

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Mar 18, 2019

X-Men Animated Series Panel Pensacon 2019

Join the creators of X-Men the Animated Series as they discuss their landmark show that inspired the movie franchise . With Larry Houston, Eric and Julia Lewald

Mar 15, 2019

Indie Comic Book Publishing Pensacon 2019

A panel about Indie Comic publishing featuring artists Joseph Michael Linser, and Kelly Yates. Plus the founders of Kablam publishing Barry Gregory and Thomas Florimonte

Oct 17, 2018

Denise Crosby Panel Gulf Coast Fan Fest 2018

Acor Denise Crosby (Star Trek TNG, Pet Semetary, Walking Dead,) talks about her long and varied career.  She tells stories of how she got the role of Tasha Yar, reflects on her favorite episode and even does a reading from the TNG script 'The Naked Now.'

Oct 16, 2018

Sam J. Jones Panel Gulf Coast Fan Fest 2018

Actor Sam J. Jones (Flash Gordon, Ted) along with guest moderator Ming Chen (Comic Book Men) talk about Flash Gordon, and Sam's acting career. Plus they take questions from the audience.  

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